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Alyasoy Tourism Occupational Safety and Health Commitment

As Alyasoy Turizm, we would like to emphasize the importance we attach to occupational safety and health. Occupational safety and health is one of the core values of our company.

We consider the safety and health of our employees and customers as the highest priority and act accordingly. Here are the key elements of our commitment:

     - Legal Compliance: We fully comply with all legal requirements and follow these requirements meticulously.
     - Training and Awareness Raising: We train and raise awareness of our employees about occupational health and safety.
     - Risk Assessment: We identify potential hazards in our workplaces and take precautions to minimize these risks.
     - Safe Working Environment: We constantly strive to provide a safe working environment.
     - Emergency Preparedness: We create and implement emergency action plans to effectively manage emergencies.
     - Continuous Improvement: We review our occupational health and safety performance and make improvements.

As Alyasoy Turizm, we are committed to adopting best practices and promoting a culture of occupational health and safety to protect the safety of our employees and customers. Occupational health and safety is part of our company's DNA and we will continue to uphold this commitment.

Operating as a reliable name in Turkey's transportation industry since 2019, Alyasoy Turizm continues its determination to provide first-class service to its customers. We are here to offer the best solutions with our expert team for your urban personnel transportation, student transportation, VIP transportation, maritime organizations and fleet rental needs.

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