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Education is the most important thing in the lives of our children and young people. It was one of those periods. During this period, safe and professional transportation service was very important. It is important. Alyasoy is a company specialized in student transportation. company and makes the education journey of young people easier and safer. is here to bring.

Reliability: Student transportation, reliability It is an area that requires security. As Alyasoy, every student We take all necessary precautions to ensure your time is safe. Our experienced and reliable drivers pick up students on time and delivers them to their schools safely.

Comfort and Convenience: Our students' comfort and Your comfort is our priority. Our clean and tidy vehicles, It ensures that the journey is enjoyable and comfortable. of our students We support them to start their lessons energetically.

Flexibility: Every student is different and they have needs. As Alyasoy, we want our students and parents to We offer a variety of transportation options to suit your needs. Morning and afternoon Afterwards, we provide transportation services suitable for students' schedules. We provide.

Competitive Prices: Quality student Transportation should be a service that everyone should have access to. Alyasoy offers quality service at competitive prices.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is ours It is more important than anything else. We always give back to our customers We listen to your feedback and work to improve our service.

As Alyasoy Student Transportation, we provide students' To make educational journeys easier and give parents peace of mind we want. We transport thousands of students safely every day, and for you too. We would be happy to do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student transportation fees often vary by region and transportation service providers, you may need to contact local transportation companies
Student transportation services ensure that children are safe by taking security measures. These may include reliable drivers, bus monitoring systems and security cameras.
Transport routes and stops are determined by transport service providers. You can usually find this information in guides provided by local school administrations or transportation companies.
Transport service providers often offer a system for communicating with parents. You must keep contact information up to date for emergencies and follow the procedures provided by the transportation company.
To keep your child safe in transport, teach him or her to sit safely and follow driver instructions. Also, ensure that they pay attention to the rules and safety procedures set by the moving service provider. Always be available for emergencies by keeping contact information up to date.

Operating as a reliable name in Turkey's transportation industry since 2019, Alyasoy Turizm continues its determination to provide first-class service to its customers. We are here to offer the best solutions with our expert team for your urban personnel transportation, student transportation, VIP transportation, maritime organizations and fleet rental needs.

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