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"We offer corporate solutions with Alyasoy Vehicle Fleet Leasing."

Alyasoy Vehicle Fleet Rental, businesses to meet transportation needs and make operations more efficient It offers a service designed to bring Business world is rapidly It requires keeping up with changing dynamics and in this process, correct Having tools is very important.

Our vehicle fleet rental service for companies, offers a wide range of tools. Whether a small business or a large Become an organization, we will help you find the tools that suit your needs. Innovator and our well-maintained vehicles allow you to run your business smoothly. provides.

Alyasoy's vehicle fleet rental service, offers financial flexibility. Long-term rental, short-term rental or Options that fit your budget by offering solutions for special projects We present. This will help you manage your business costs and save resources. It helps you use it effectively.

Customer satisfaction is always for us is a priority. With our expert team and professional services, We strive to provide the best experience to our customers. Special for you Optimize your business processes by developing solutions that suit your needs we do.

Alyasoy Vehicle Fleet Rental, your business is here to support your success. Creating your own vehicle fleet and join us to make your business more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-term car rental refers to an agreement that businesses or individuals will make with a car rental company to meet their vehicle needs in the long term. This service provides access to new vehicles while reducing vehicle ownership costs and operational burden. Advantages include low initial costs, freedom from maintenance and repairs, tax advantages and flexible vehicle replacement options.

Long-term car rental period may vary depending on the customer's needs and preferences. It can last 36 months or longer, usually starting from a year. However, we can also offer shorter-term rental options so we can adapt to our customers' changing needs.
Long-term car rental fees may vary depending on factors such as the model of the selected vehicle, rental period, monthly mileage limits, insurance and maintenance services. The fee is usually paid on a monthly basis and may include a fixed amount over the term of the lease. Some of our packages include extra services such as maintenance, tire change, roadside assistance and spare vehicle services.
A long-term car rental contract is a formal agreement between the customer and the car rental company. The contract specifies rental terms, payment schedule, maintenance services and early cancellation policies. In case of early cancellation, the customer may often have to pay a penalty. However, we offer early cancellation options on some of our packages, so our customers gain flexibility and can respond to changing needs. We recommend that our customers carefully review the contract terms and contact us with any questions.

Operating as a reliable name in Turkey's transportation industry since 2019, Alyasoy Turizm continues its determination to provide first-class service to its customers. We are here to offer the best solutions with our expert team for your urban personnel transportation, student transportation, VIP transportation, maritime organizations and fleet rental needs.

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