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" The Magic of the Bosphorus: Unforgettable Organizations in Istanbul "

Istanbul's fascinating Bosphorus offers a unique It is an organization venue. As Alyasoy Maritime Organizations, For unforgettable meetings, business invitations and other special events We offer the perfect solution

The Bosphorus is unique throughout the world It is known for its beauty and historical texture. This fascinating waterway Alyasoy Maritime Organizations, located on the coast, offers this service for you. Ready to organize special events in a unique environment.

Meetings: An important part of the business world The meetings that are part of the event become even more enjoyable with the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. It becomes impressive. As Alyasoy, we offer modern solutions for your business meetings. We offer technologically equipped halls. To your participants Make your meetings more productive and productive by providing an immersive experience. We make it impressive.

Business Invitations: business to strengthen your relationships and impress your business partners. Invitations are very important. Alyasoy's special events team, business to turn your invitations into a magnificent experience on the Bosphorus. It helps. Unforgettable with special meals, live music and stylish decoration We organize business invitations.

Special Events: Weddings, Celebrate your engagements, birthdays and other special moments with the magic of the Bosphorus. Would you like to crown it? As Alyasoy, we offer special services for you. We organize events. Unforgettable memories by considering every detail We enable you to create.

As Alyasoy Maritime Organizations, Take an unforgettable trip by taking advantage of the unique beauties of the Bosphorus. We create organizations. Our professional team and wide sea To realize all kinds of organizations with our tools we are here

Choose Alyasoy to have an unforgettable experience on the Bosphorus and add a different dimension to your organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise events are available for weddings, business meetings, private parties and other special events. For details, you can call +90 532 639 32 61.
You can make organization reservations by calling +90 532 639 32 61 or using the Reservation links on our website.
The cost of maritime events varies depending on the type of organization, number of participants, ship used and services offered.
Maritime organizations care about safety and comfort. These issues are taken into consideration with experienced personnel, security measures and comfortable ships. For detailed information, you can call +90 532 639 32 61.

Operating as a reliable name in Turkey's transportation industry since 2019, Alyasoy Turizm continues its determination to provide first-class service to its customers. We are here to offer the best solutions with our expert team for your urban personnel transportation, student transportation, VIP transportation, maritime organizations and fleet rental needs.

Contact us to experience all our services with the privilege of Alyasoy Turizm.
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